Dress fitting number 1

So today we had the first dress fittings for the wedding. We ended up having to get the dress in blue (EW) but I love the shoes that we’re getting with it!! So I’m excited at the idea of getting to wear those another day. 

But anyway, I tried the dress on in an 18. It didn’t fit. >.< But I tried on the 20 and it was a wee bit big. I canna bloody well win for trying. Ah well. 

And the last day to order the dress to get it in on time is the beginning of July. So hopefully I can at least be in an 18 and then I can lose more and just get it altered for the wedding. I guess we will see what I can do! 

I overslept this morning and didn’t make it to bootcamp. Eugh. Dating this boy is no good for my diet and exercise regime. We go out to eat sometimes - it’s not like I’m going out eating fast food or anything.. but still it’s not as good as I would be if I was eating salad at home. And I keep oversleeping for bootcamp since I stay at his house and we have a certain activity that we attempt to do too late at night. 

Need to get this shit back on target! I can do this!!!!