April 30 Weigh In

So I can NOT believe I forgot to post yesterday!!! Will you guys ever forgive me?! 

So my weight is now 265.5 lbs. I am down 3.9 lbs this last week. 

I don’t have time to elaborate much right now because I want to get my thunder thighs to the park to work out before the sun really starts pounding. 

So things are going well with the boy as well. :) This makes me a very happy panda. 

Now I just have to make sure I don’t let the girl crazy come out and get self destructive or something. 

I am going to spend some time on tumblr later. <3 you guys! So sorry again about not posting yesterday!!!

This year just keeps getting better!!!  

Small goals make my day!

Just checked out my bmi and I am no longer considered morbidly obese! I am now just obese!

51 lbs from Overweight
87 lbs from Normal

I’ve been doing good this week. Working out and eating right. Although people took me out a bunch for birthday meals… I just made the right choices.

And…? I met a bloke. I really fancy him. He’s so sweet.

April 23 Weigh In

Just as I expected 269.4. That’s fine. I didn’t GAIN any weight and I had a crappy week - birthday blues, etc.

Anyway, now that my birthday is done and I’m super old and still morbidly obese… it’s time to get back to it. (just according to my BMI - hate that thing)

About to go to the kitchen to make a delicious smoothie. Also bought some vitamins (finally) so I will start those today as well. 

Annnnnnd my bruddah gave me a $50 gift card to Academy to help me along this journey. (he’s slender and fit as a fiddle) So today I want to go get some more weights (I’ve been using 3 pounders) so I think 5’s now. Then I want a kettlebell and one of those obnoxious straps to put my iphone on my arm whilst I run. 

Now the only problem is everyone wants to take me out to eat as a birthday gift. >.< 

I’m trying to just get people to take me out for things like sushi since I can just eat a bunch of raw fish and not ingest gargantuan amounts of fat and calories. 

So today? eat right, exercise, buy workout stuff, and SWEAT! Dooooo it!

Personal Trainer

Today I didn’t go to bootcamp because I had an appointment with a personal trainer at 7. It was hard and just completely different. My arms and legs feel like jello. They feel all wobbly and eugh. 

Yesterday I didn’t work out as I woke up with a horrible pain in my back. It doesn’t hurt today but now as I said, I’m all wobbly feeling.

My birthday is this weekend and so what did I do today? Get kind of depressed about how I feel I haven’t accomplished enough and how I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life being overweight so what did I do? I ate food. Bad food. (Well not EXTREMELY bad.. but HORRIBLE compared to how I have been eating) 

Also, I don’t know what to do for my birthday :\

I don’t feel that bad though, because I did work out today. Laying in bed now trying to get sleepy so I can wake up early for bootcamp. 

I’m allowed to bring a mate the next few days but no one wants to go (or can go). :\ *le sigh

April 16 Weigh In

The magic number is 269.4! I lost 4.6 lbs this week. Finally! I’ve been waiting for a bigger number again. lol. 

But I’ve also decided that I just want to try to lose around 10 lbs a month. I think that’s completely reasonable. Right? I know everywhere I look it says 2 lbs a week is like the magic number. 

My birthday is this upcoming weekend. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing but I’m sure I might mess up some progress, but I’m ok with that. 

I didn’t go to bootcamp this morning because my side is in agony. I’m currently laying on a bamboo mat on the floor with an ice pack on it. eugh.

Friday at bootcamp I ran a 1/4 mile in 2:42! Ok, so there was about 8 seconds of me walking (whilst huffing and puffing) but then the trainer yelled out to me to speed up. I cursed him under my breath and started running again. After I finished some of the girls were like “good job!” Yes, I may have been the largest and slowest… but I finished less than 10 seconds after the 2nd to last person! 

I think I’m going to sign up for another month of bootcamp because I hate myself. Or rather because I love myself. I want to be the best me I can be! 


I ate noodles (full of sodium!) and some chocolate yesterday and did not go to bootcamp this morning. 


I’m gonna rock the rest of today though! Fruits, veggies, gym! It’s going to be a good day! 

A bad day won’t ruin me! 

(I hope)

I last wore this shirt around Christmas and it hugged onto my fat roll like a fat kid with a box of donuts. Now it&#8217;s loose fitting on my stomach and let me just say&#8230; I was not I repeat NOT holding in my stomach for this picture. Since that time I&#8217;ve lost 23(ish) pounds. Life is awesome. I love this shirt. I love myself for what I&#8217;m doing. Little triumphs for the win. Keep on keeping on!

I last wore this shirt around Christmas and it hugged onto my fat roll like a fat kid with a box of donuts. Now it’s loose fitting on my stomach and let me just say… I was not I repeat NOT holding in my stomach for this picture. Since that time I’ve lost 23(ish) pounds. Life is awesome. I love this shirt. I love myself for what I’m doing. Little triumphs for the win. Keep on keeping on!

Feeling great!

I’m really noticing a change in my body. My saddlebags are becoming nonexistent! It’s great and just makes me pumped and motivated to keep up this healthy lifestyle!!!

I am at a friends house right now out of town. I brought my blender, fruit, yogurt, carrot juice and stacks of salad and some cooked chicken to go on top. I’m not going to let this bring me down. I also made my friends a batch of Oreo balls because they love when I make anything. They’re delicious! But I wouldn’t know about this batch because I haven’t had one. I made them and didn’t even lick a single spoon. I had it ALL over my hands with chocolate everywhere but still did not want to ruin my diet. I need to just keep up the good work and I’m glad that I can stay focused in the face of chocolate!

I’m not fretting about the number that shows up on the scale this week. Even if it’s low? Who cares, I feel fantastic!


So a friend of mine was around 230 lbs and is now around 200 and went from a size 16-18 to now squeezing into a size 12. This makes me sick. Don’t get me wrong I am SO happy for her. She worked her ass off! (this is the friend I’ve told you about that can run!) But even when I was 60 lbs lighter? I was only in a 15 and right now I am wearing 18’s and 20’s. 

Now I know I know… everyone is built differently, etc. But it’s still frustrating. She always complains about her fat thighs and arm upper arms but they’re like half the size of mine. She was just carrying the weight in her stomach which she is now losing. 

So… this morning in bootcamp? We had to do some jogging. a LOT of jogging. But I did the majority of it. I felt like I was going to die most of the time… but I did it! I DID IT! It was an amazing feeling. 

During one of the MANY jogging sessions… I heard someone behind me say “Move it skank” I was appalled and just flabbergasted! Then the girl in front of me turned around and started talking to her. I was about to say “What the fuuuuuck!?” but obviously they were friends.

The sessions are from 5:30 to 6:30 and you better believe the trainer makes EVERY second count. Also… the trainer I had last week wasn’t there today. It was another guy that’s even harder. BUT! This one doesn’t know my name. Haaaaa. 

Oh and yesterday? About halfway through the workout someone farted during crunches. HAHAHA, I would have laughed because I think farting is hilarious, but I was too out of breath. 

I feel so much better lately… and just from looking at my disgusting picture that I posted a while back? I really think I look a bit smaller! yaaayyy! Get it done!

Bootcamp this week

So, you’ll all be happy to know that I’m the largest and most out of shape person there. *tear

And today we had to sign in and my name wasn’t on the list so one of the trainers wrote it in. Then during one of the exercises I hear him say my name then “kick higher!” I looked at him like “Are you kidding?” Then he said “Yea, I know your name now! Haha!”…. Oh Joy! 

Whenever it gets really hard? I just tell myself “Yup, you did this to yourself. You even PAID to have this done to you.” -.-

Need to get some sleep.. have to wake up at 4:30. Eugh!

Also, I have heard a little about this No Weigh In April thing? I don’t know if I should do that… although, how awesome would it be to wait for so long and see how much you’ve lost! Although, on the other hand… if I didn’t lose a lot I would be PISSED that I hadn’t been looking at the scale and trying to change something to improve the numbers. Hmmph. I’m ponder on this a wee bit more before making a decision. Anyway, bed time! 

Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Napping tomorrow will be AMAZING!