Back Again

So, having a boyfriend seemed to kill a lot of my motivation last year. I still have him, but now I’m in another wedding in May. OMG EVERYONE STOP GETTING MARRIED!

I was torn about coming back to tumblr, not that any of you really know me or anything, but I feel embarrassed that I stopped and started a bunch. But you know what? That’s life!! We all go through it.. our ups and downs and now I’m back for an up to go down in WEIGHT. lol

So the new wedding I’m in? Some of the bridesmaids are bigger (most I think - the girls keep changing) and what does the bride pick? halter dresses. HALTER DRESSES. My bingo wings will be flapping in the wind. If I wave to anyone? I will be waving to the whole room. 

July 30 I was 258.6. I weighed myself the other day and I was like 274. *le sigh 

It’s ok though! I’m going to get back down! YES I WILL! 

So a gym near me is doing a Biggest Loser program and I signed up for it. It has team workouts, challenges, nutritional lectures and prizes. Hopefully my competitive nature will jump in and I will get all crazy into it. 

So, the bachelorette party they want to do? Is a weekend at the beach. So I really need to bust my ass for that as well, it is gonna be right around my birthday. I really don’t want to have to worry about being harpooned whilst sunbathing. 

I made a folder on my pinterest to help get some workout tips and some great new recipes.

So here’s to a new year and a new me and you! 

Bride Panic!

So I got a text the other day from the Bride stating that the dress she picked out is to be discontinued so I needed to order it soon. 

I text her back and said to just get the dress in the size 20. Today I rang her and she confirmed that she did, apparently it needed to be ordered before the 25th and I don’t get back into the country until the 29th! 

This makes me sad. 1 b/c I wanted to go fit into an 18! 2 b/c I worry that now I won’t feel as motivated to lose weight b/c it already fits. 

So now I really need to bust my ass! Well not RIGHT now, b/c I’m sick. 

I hate being ill whilst on vacation. It sucks donkey dick! 

First post!


So, I’m just a girl that’s in a wedding later this year and my goal is to NOT be the fat bridesmaid of the group. There are 3 other bridesmaids in the party and we all vary in size. I’m not the largest girl… but she has tits the size of my head so no one will notice anything other than that. 

I’m going to be taking some pictures soon to post to show where I am starting from and you can follow this blog if you want to see my weight loss journey. 

I’m 28, 5’11, and weigh 285 lbs (size 20 and sometimes a 22!). At the beginning of the year I was at 299! I SWORE to myself that I wouldn’t go over 300. 

I figured this blog would be a great way for me to keep track of my progress and if I had people watching it then they would be my motivation. (Come on fatty, you can’t blog that you ate fried chicken and cupcakes and went up 5 lbs!)

So my weight loss goals are just that I want to lose my stomach, hopefully my enormous hips will go down a bit, and I no longer wish to wave to the entire room when I move my arms. 

As for my diet? I’m just trying to eat better for a healthier life. I’ve tried to control my weight by counting calories, cutting carbs, taking pills, etc. And it just never works for me. So this time? I’m just eating healthier foods and exercising. And it SUCKS. But I need to do it.