Feeling great!

I’m really noticing a change in my body. My saddlebags are becoming nonexistent! It’s great and just makes me pumped and motivated to keep up this healthy lifestyle!!!

I am at a friends house right now out of town. I brought my blender, fruit, yogurt, carrot juice and stacks of salad and some cooked chicken to go on top. I’m not going to let this bring me down. I also made my friends a batch of Oreo balls because they love when I make anything. They’re delicious! But I wouldn’t know about this batch because I haven’t had one. I made them and didn’t even lick a single spoon. I had it ALL over my hands with chocolate everywhere but still did not want to ruin my diet. I need to just keep up the good work and I’m glad that I can stay focused in the face of chocolate!

I’m not fretting about the number that shows up on the scale this week. Even if it’s low? Who cares, I feel fantastic!