January 28 Weigh In

Eugh, my weight is still the same 280.4. 

I went up a bit and now I’m back at the same weight. I started working out and going to the gym but I have not been getting the best sleep nor have I been eating properly. 

So this week I’m gonna rock it! Minus those few chocolate covered almonds I ate last night! haha

The Biggest Loser program I joined starts next week! I’m excited and super nervous about it. I tried to sign up last time but there was a mix up. I seem to remember that I had a certain number of miles to walk and swim, etc. I’ll let you guys know how heinous it is when I get the sheets! There’s a meeting about it tonight so maybe I’ll get them. 

Last week I worked out everyday except Saturday. Feeling great about it! I’ve also noticed that working out at the gym with someone to talk to is so much better than working out with a headset to me. It helps motivate me. I dunno why but when I listen to music I just concentrate too much on it and what I want to listen to. I still don’t think I have found the perfect motivational music that inspires me to kick ass at the gym. When I’m alone with just music or watching television I just don’t give it all like I will when someone is there with me. Tips? Music I should listen to? Bueller?

Motivational Dress

So I bought this super cute dress from Maurices as I have a dress the same size from the same store, but of course this one is too small. -.- 

My goal is to be able to wear this the weekend of my birthday/ the bridal shower. April 19. 

It’s an XL which is classified as a 15-16. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit it, but I couldn’t help myself. Plus it’s great motivation. I wear around an 18-20. So I wonder if I will be able to fit it in time :\ 

Monday July 30 Weigh in

Today is the day! Back on track. 


Right before I left for vacation I was 262 then 259 when I got back. Jumped up to 266 for a while and now back down. YaY! 

Bootcamp started this week. Still toying with the idea of signing up for it 3 days a week. Or maybe I will just wait until next month. I don’t really have extra money to blow on it. Plus I have a gym membership. I can workout at home and at the park for the month. 

I started a new birth control pill and it’s making me SOOOO sleepy. All the time. All I want to do is sleep. -.-

Bootcamp this week

So, you’ll all be happy to know that I’m the largest and most out of shape person there. *tear

And today we had to sign in and my name wasn’t on the list so one of the trainers wrote it in. Then during one of the exercises I hear him say my name then “kick higher!” I looked at him like “Are you kidding?” Then he said “Yea, I know your name now! Haha!”…. Oh Joy! 

Whenever it gets really hard? I just tell myself “Yup, you did this to yourself. You even PAID to have this done to you.” -.-

Need to get some sleep.. have to wake up at 4:30. Eugh!

Also, I have heard a little about this No Weigh In April thing? I don’t know if I should do that… although, how awesome would it be to wait for so long and see how much you’ve lost! Although, on the other hand… if I didn’t lose a lot I would be PISSED that I hadn’t been looking at the scale and trying to change something to improve the numbers. Hmmph. I’m ponder on this a wee bit more before making a decision. Anyway, bed time! 

Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Napping tomorrow will be AMAZING!

March 12 Weigh In

So to be completely honest I was terrified about this weigh in. 

Between my knee injury, going out drinking one night, having a little lamb and pork this week (damn my father for cooking!)… I was really worried that I wouldn’t lose much weight at all (IF ANY!) 

But… the moment of truth. This morning the scale said…. 281.4! 281.4! Read it again! 281.4! omg yay!

Last week when I weighed myself I was 286.6 ( I really should have said 286.6 on my first post but I thought 285 sounded better because I was ashamed. Why should I be ashamed? you don’t know me!) Regardless… I lost 5.2 lbs!!!!! 


This is my year!!!! 

This is OUR year! Lets get it done!