Early morning workouts

So I woke up super early this morning and did a spin class at 5:45. This was my first class with this teacher and he was tough. He did a lot of standing. Now, I LOVE standing in spin because well, otherwise your ass hurts like no other pain I’ve ever felt… but that doesn’t mean I want to run for 4 minutes. It actually really hurt my feet. I had to sit down a couple of times. 

Afterwards because I completely hate myself I went to the park and did a walk/jog/run of 1.5 miles. Week 1 Day 1 of C25K. (Couch to 5K) and god DAYUM did my shins hurt like a motherfucker. I found a couple of exercises online to help with that. 

I’m gonna get the boyfriend to give me a footrub/ calfrub tonight. It’ll be amazing!

I’m signed up for a 5K on Nov 16. Its the same one I signed up for last year and chickened out of. :\ So this year I really have something to prove. I’m gonna rock it! I hope. I won’t be able to run it, but I will still have a great time! I’ve got a couple of friends in it from the wedding I’m in. 

I fear that this will be my last wedding for a while - not that it’s a bad thing… just means after that my name won’t mean as much. lol

Also, I’m doing the 21 Day Superhero Challenge. Are you? 
I’m nervous. No grains or sugar? We shall see how it goes! If you sign up, let me know! Semi-paleo diet, here I come! Starts Wednesday!

Anyone in?

Day 1 Biggest Loser (take 2)

So today I started a Biggest Loser program at my gym. It was HARD. Then I went swimming afterwards with a friend of mine which also sucked. 

Jogging, squats, ropes, TRX, push ups and plank. Oh my! 


I’m exhausted. 

I hope to finally get an awesome night of sleep!  Stress is a killer. 

Using a new food tracking app called “MyNetDiary” I really like it! On the front page it has water so you can remember to track your glasses - along with the fact that it’s a great reminder to drink a glass of water. It also analyzes the food that you’ve eaten which is kinda interesting. It also seems to have a lot of food that’s been input from all over the globe which is super helpful if you eat any sort of ethnic foods. 

Tomorrow will suck, but I’m gonna go to the gym again… yAy… Beast mode!

Another wedding?!

So I’m in another wedding in April 2014. -.-

She’s a good friend so I don’t regret it but god damn. I was in one in October 2012, May 2013 and now April 2014! 

I recently (like last week) finally got the all clear for working out again after breaking my foot. I’ve been going swimming at the gym and did a spin class (god DAYUM my ass hurt like NOTHING) and I’m gonna keep picking it up. Also I signed up for the Biggest Loser Program at my gym again. I really enjoyed it last time even though I didn’t lose as much weight as I would have liked. (hindered of course by the car accident)

This time around I really want to focus more on my eating. I think I want to lean towards a cleaner eating regimen. I recently bought a tofuxpress and it’s in my fridge as I type squeezing the water (life) out of my tofu!

Does anyone have any clean eating tips or blogs or anything else that would help? Thanks!

I need you now more than ever.

Hey tumblr, 

I know I’ve been gone for a while. I got into a car accident at the end of March. Had to drop out of my Biggest Loser program at the gym. I didn’t lose weight and didn’t gain before the weigh in. My team won! The trainer told me that before my accident? He would have bet everything on me to win the whole sha-bang! It was great and heart wrenching to hear. I know there was nothing I could do about it… but I still feel so angry about the accident. First I was having an issue with my knees and got that sorted and then this? I was sitting at a stop light and someone lost control and luckily for him? My car was there to stop him from spinning. His car hit mine 3 times. My left side was in a world of pain. I’m lucky I didn’t see it coming or I would have tensed up and been even more damaged. I just wasn’t paying attention, I was at a stop light and the other side just went green so I was just looking down then barely looked up to see this car coming straight at me and bam. It’s been a whole debacle. He totaled my vehicle. I have been going to the chiropractor twice a week up until the last month - now it’s dropped down to once a week. I was going to an acupuncturist and just stopped that about a month ago as well. I had MRI’s performed on my knee and my shoulder. I’ve been taking an anti inflammatory twice a day and STILL have swelling in my shoulder. I feel it popping all the time. My knee has gotten better with some exercises I was shown. I still have tiny tears in my meniscus and a cyst in the back of my knee (water in my knee) but I rarely get pain now. 

Actually I stopped taking the naproxen about 2 weeks ago. Because I had finally been able to work out, so I started working out slowly… going to the gym to go swimming. Then? I fell and broke a bone in my foot. My RIGHT foot. In other words, the foot that wasn’t messed up from the accident. Some doctors believe that an anti inflammatory can hinder bone repair so I stopped taking it. Now my shoulder hurts almost daily. Why did I stop? Because I’m going on a vacation in July and would like to be able to walk around!

I broke the fifth metatarsal - not a complete break, just a split that curves around and another slight break directly underneath that one. I also sprained my ankle and found out I have arthritis in my ankle. I have a walking boot for when I walk. 

So what have I been doing? A whole lot of nothing. I’ve been laid up catching up on my television shows and just relaxing. I’m trying not to eat like crap, although I’m human so I sometimes falter. 

My weight? As of this morning I was 275. At the end of the biggest loser program I think I was around 263. I have finally stopped being angry at myself for something that wasn’t my fault. But now I just need to work out. Today I did some exercises. I did some free weights and some crunches and push ups on my knees. I won’t be able to do anything on my foot for a while so I’m just gonna keep at it. Slowly but surely. 

My first spin class

Yesterday morning I finally made it to my first spin class. It was awful. Well great, but awful for my ass. Only a few minutes in and it was already uncomfortable. Then when we would stand up I felt strange because I felt like the straps made my foot stick out so I was worried about falling. 

I had to stop a few times especially near the end just b/c my ass was hurting SO MUCH. Afterwards we did a quick ab class then a friend showed up and we got on the elliptical for 20 minutes and got on the weight machines for a bit. 

So I’m thinking about buying a seat cover. Any suggestions?

Bueller… Bueller….?


Burpees SUCK. Today I worked out with my group and trainer. We did burpees and god damn I hated every single one. We were doing it in circuit training and we had to do 10 before the group moved to the next station. 

I was amazed. I could actually do them! It was amazing! Exhausting… but AMAZING! 

The last round someone asked if we could switch and he said no and pointed at me saying that I love them. >.< So he said we could do 6 instead of 10. But when it got to me he told me to do 10. And it’s funny, the last 4 were DEFINITELY the hardest. 

I did a few quick measurements since my weight hasn’t gone down.. and a couple of things went down maybe half an inch but some went up. And I get it, it gets all flabby then tightens up.. but it’s so disheartening. -.-

I’m going to the gym later with a mate of mine as well. I had a good lunch - stir fry and now I kinda want to take a nap. I’m gonna lay down and relax for a while.

Fit apps

So I have Lose It & My Fitness Pal and they both tell me extremely different caloric intakes. 

Lose It - 2047

My Fitness Pal - 1530

I dunno which one to do! Help me!   x.X

My weight hasn’t been changing but I think I’m just getting obsessed with the number. I do think my stomach has gone in a bit. And by my stomach I mean the area underneath, my huge spare tyre is still there.. alive, kicking and flabby. -.-

I started out strong then just slacked a bit and I think it’s b/c that app told me that I could eat so many calories, so I did! Then it gives me even more since I’m working out so hard. It doesn’t help that my period is about to start so I’m STARVING. I know that’s no excuse to fuck up my new eating habits.

It’s just so hard to know how many calories I should be eating. :\

Time for lunch then going to workout! 

Oh, I tried the stairmaster for the first time the other day. It fucking sucked big nasty sweaty balls. I’ll be sure to get on it again today. :D

Today’s workout!

Today sucked balls, but totally in a good way! 

Went for the workout at 9am with the trainer. I’ve got 4 other ladies in my group and they all seem very nice. I think I’m definitely the largest and most out of shape. I also sweat the most. -.-

I dunno, a couple of them have nice bodies… but it all depends on what you think of yourself! The trainer is a Welsh bloke who seems cool. He set up a circuit for us and had us do some laps at the gym. He seemed to pick on me a bit, but that’s ok. Motivation! 

So the circuit was Assisted Squats (there was just a bench behind us to sit down on), the ropes (seen a lot on the Biggest Loser tv show - you swing the ropes up and down), push ups, the plank (AKA - the bane of my existence) and lateral raises. Whew. That shit killed me. So what did I do after? I went to workout with my mate! B/c I want to die!

At the gym: 

20 minutes on bike 1.34 miles

20 minutes on elliptical 1.53 miles

Weight machines - 4 for arms and 2 for legs. 15 reps twice on each machine

20 minutes on treadmill 0.90 mile (this was my cool-down, I was seriously fucking dead and drenched in sweat)

The fans weren’t on at the gym today, there are a couple of fans mounted high on the wall that blow on the area with the treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. I think that made me sweat even more. Which I needed like a bloody hole in the head. 

I also started using my Lose It app. All of my exercise made it so that I could eat SO much more. But I didn’t! It says I should eat 2047 calories a day but I only ate 1,814. I got weak and ate a bag of popcorn since I’ve been craving it. It’ll get better from here! Promise! 

I’m so sore. -.- Stairs suck! 

Today’s workout

Today I went to the gym and did:

20 minutes on Elliptical: 1.56 miles

20 minutes on Treadmill at 10% incline: 0.87 mile

20 minutes on Bike: 1.21 miles

Then I did some leg exercises on the machines and some free weight exercises. 

I set up a spreadsheet to keep track of all the workouts for the Loser Man Challenge I’m doing… b/c I’m a nerd. :D

Today I was seriously pooped though, I think maybe it was b/c I didn’t drink enough water this past weekend. I have been reading a lot about water and apparently if you don’t think enough water today, then you’ve fucked up tomorrows workout! 

So today I have been drinking a bunch of water. I also ordered a super cute water bottle. My boyfriend has one in black, but the purple is sooo pretty! :D This way I don’t have to buy a bottle every time I go to the gym. (I’m in a joint membership with a mate so we have to spend $10 at the gym a month) I just need a carabiner to connect a cute change purse to it and I’ll be set - to hold my keys and gym card. 


Trying to add more blogs to follow as well, I hate when my feed is full of a lot of the same pictures. -.- I look at my tumblr app on the machines when I need motivation at the gym! 

It has begun

Today is the first day of the Biggest Loser Program I signed up for. My mate is signing up for the gym with a 2 week guest pass and she and I get dirty when we go. And by dirty I mean disgustingly sweaty. And by we, I mean me b/c she’s one of those people that doesn’t sweat very much at all. -.- lol

I’ve realised that I actually prefer working out with someone and chit chatting. Having headphones on just isn’t as much of a distraction I suppose. 

I’m going to take my measurements today as well after I get ready for the gym. As for right now though? I’m going to go have some brekkie then possibly cook some turkey breasts so I can have them in my salads for the week. 

Let’s go!